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February 2017
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3:00 10 August 2015

Helicoptering Over Malibu Colony

Approaching Malibu Colony in our helicopter

Our Private Tour Sees Malibu Colony

Where the Stars Live and Play

Hollywood was firing on all cylinders by the late 1920s which was about the same time that financial woes forced the family owning this pristine lagoon area in Malibu to open up the property for sale to individuals.  By this time there were already several movie stars who had been granted permission to build vacation homes (in those days it was a significant journey on poor roads from Hollywood to Malibu).  With the land now fully open for purchase there was a rush to build by those who could afford it and the Malibu Colony was born.  Interestingly, the owners of the land, the Rindge family, were the family behind the highly valued Malibu ceramic tile factory.  The family home is now a museum dedicated to the preservation and aesthetics of Malibu Potteries.  This is just part of the history of the area (Chumash indians, missionaries, William Randolph Hearst, movie stars) that our guides tell to entertain our private Los Angeles tour guests as we drive by or fly over the colony when exploring the coast around Los Angeles.


Fabulous beach homes below in Malibu Colony

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Vintage b&w photograph of Malibu Beach Colony

Our Private Tour to Malibu Gets in Touch

with Hollywood History

Of course Hollywood sightseeing means a visit to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the studios and nightclubs and chic boutiques.  But Hollywood history extends throughout Los Angeles including the 27-mile long coastal city of Malibu.  This beautiful strip of southern California coast was once owned by a single person.  Beginning in the 1920s she began renting out small lots to actors and filmmakers from Hollywood who would make the then lengthy drive out to the beach for weekends away from the demands of work and studios.  Over the years the city advanced, the area developed, people purchased their lots and built fancier and fancier homes along the beach.  There are many stories to tell about the famous players who resided and partied here in a fabulous mile-long strip of beach coined the Malibu Beach Colony.  The colony remains today, though gated, but accessible along the sandy beach at low tide for our private Los Angeles tour guests to see how Hollywood-on-the-beach folks live today.

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3:00 7 December 2016

Malibu the Right Way

Entering Malibu the right way despite the sign

Our Private Tour Knows the Way to Malibu

Sure there are some wrong turns one might make when getting to Malibu along the Pacific Coast Highway (“PCH”).  Since our guides bring their private Los Angeles tour guests here regularly they know all the turns and can show off all 27 miles of scenic beauty along the coast.  Malibu is a long, skinny city built along the Pacific Ocean and ascending up into the Santa Monica Mountains.  There are beaches renowned in songs by great surfer bands like the Beach Boys and Honk as well as winding canyon roads leading up to huge estates and vineyards.  There is Lake Malibou nestled up in the mountains above the sea.  Most of our guests visiting here in Southern California, especially at this time of year as the rest of the nation slips into winter, are eager to see the beaches and shoreline.  The Malibu Colony has its own lagoon and has been the home of Hollywood stars since the earliest days of the entertainment industry.  They often had weekday homes in Beverly Hills and headed out to the shore for the weekend and holidays.  Despite regular closures of PCH after landslides caused by occasional large storms the appeal of this beautiful coast and chaparral landscape on the rising slopes keeps the housing market tight and expensive, even exclusive, for the celebrity culture associated with Malibu.

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3:00 25 May 2016

Flight Over Malibu

Malibu is beautiful homes on beautiful beaches

Helicopter Tour Is Cool Above Malibu

It’s beginning to look a lot like summer everywhere we fly in Los Angeles.  The warming weather is especially enticing at the beach and there is no better beach to observe from our aerial tour than those up and down the coast that are a part of Malibu.  From south to north there are 23 miles of coastline that are Malibu.  The Malibu Colony and its lagoon are where many will seek the sea and catch up on rays and Vitamin D (oh so important) so they can look their very best in this season’s swimsuits and beach wear.  A porpoise communicates with our low flying helicopter near MalibuA good point break here means lots of surfers.  We remind our private Los Angeles tour passengers who are greatly enjoying the low flight over the bay (Santa Monica Bay) that the Malibu Colony was where early Hollywood stars had their beach homes (as current Hollywood stars still do) and that the drive from the studios to the beach took hours in the early part of the last century.  Funny, there are days now when it takes hours to get from Hollywood to Malibu…even in a Ferrari.  Those travel hours today can be productive though with a cellphone making business calls possible and routine even with the top down.  Flipper’s agent does not want to be late to meet with his client.

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3:00 4 April 2016

Long Thin Malibu

Malibu seen from our private Los Angeles tour luxury helicopter

Our Private Tour Flies from Malibu to Hollywood

We keep our fleet of luxury helicopters busy throughout the year because the weather is so regularly perfect for a low and slow flight around Los Angeles.  Most of our private Los Angeles tour guests combine a helicopter tour with a ground tour.  That’s a very good idea because what you see from the air can really inform what we visit later in the car.  For instance, flying up the coast past Marina del Rey, Venice Beach to Santa Monica reveals well developed beach communities where Angelenos live and play.  From Santa Monica up through Malibu the Coastal Range looms above the beach so development is severely limited.  The City of Malibu has to stretch out along 21 miles of narrow coastline between the Santa Monica Bay and the mountains.  There are magnificent homes up along the mountain ridges and into the many canyons.  There are ranches and vineyards.  But the busy part of the city is along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH to us; Route 1 to map readers).  From our helicopter we can really understand this geography.  In the photograph above we are rising up above the coast and preparing to turn inland back to Beverly Hills and Hollywood.  The Malibu Pier is visible and beyond that the Malibu Colony.  The views from our aircraft are always extraordinary and our luxury tour guests return home with a very full photo album from both their flight around the city and the street level pictures we take when we double back later in the SUV.

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You don't even need the sign to know you are in Malibu

Our Private Tour is Mad for Malibu

The summer heat of southern California often motivates our private Los Angeles tour guests to want to explore the coastline.  We visit Marina del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu generally.  Each community is distinct and fun to explore.  Malibu is breathtakingly beautiful.  The coast and beaches on one side of us and the Santa Monica Mountains on the other.  The thin city is 27 miles long but only several miles wide on average.  The main thoroughfare is the notorious PCH, Pacific Coast Highway, or California Route 1 to map readers.  Mansions and beach estates all along the way allow us to do a celebrity homes tour for the coast and recount early Hollywood history as we point out and discuss the Malibu Colony near the lagoon.  The beaches and the surf breaks are famous from film and song and sightseeing along our exquisite coast makes convincing arguments as to why.

A beach in Malibu on a warm summer day

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Aerial photograph of Malibu beach homes

Best Ways to See These Celebrity Homes in Malibu

Besides being invited in (we can always hope) the best views of these magnificent homes along the Malibu shoreline are from the sea side.  And from the sea we mean either aboard one of our yacht tours up the coast or else flying along the coast on a private helicopter tour and adventure.  Malibu has always been the ocean playground for the Hollywood elite.  The original Malibu Colony residences have spread up and down the 27-mile length of Malibu, just north of Santa Monica and near Los Angeles. Famous for parties, scandals, fires and devastating storm waves, residents and visitors to the beaches and businesses of Malibu love the community throughout the year, year after year, despite the rare catastrophes and controversy.  Much like Beverly Hills, the properties are somewhat hidden from view along the access roads which is why our helicopter and yacht tours are such good ways to see how the ‘Bu folks are living.  For just a little while on a custom luxury tour our guests can feel a part of the good life on the Los Angeles coast.

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Photo of guest on Malibu hiking tour

Where Do You Want Your Private Hiking Tour Today

Not all Los Angeles tours are about sitting in a bus with a crowd of murmuring people and trying to listen to a tour guide repeat a script for the umpteenth time while pointing out the window at tourist stops in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  We specialize in private custom luxury tours that get you away from the crowds to enjoy parts of Los Angeles that even locals might not know.  Our private hiking tours are one way to get around and get out of the vehicle to see, hear and touch the real Los Angeles.  This particular hiking tour had us in Malibu exploring the coast from the Malibu Colony up to Pt. Dume.  Our guests were exhilarated by the great trails with breathtaking views and sweet sea air.  Our cameras catch all the action so we can send our guests home with digital photographs to share along with all the vivid memories they made.

Photo of Malibu coastline

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Looking up at Barbra Streisand's house from the beach

Our Private Tour in Malibu is a Walk on the Beach

There is nothing like a Los Angeles sightseeing tour that can park any time and take its guests out for a walk.  That is what we love to do.  This day we were up in Malibu exploring the lovely coast and the Malibu Colony when our guests asked to see some of the beach – up close.  We not only had a beautiful fresh walk along the beach (the kids ran) but we continued with our sightseeing as we pointed out Barbra Streisand‘s lovely home atop the cliff overlooking the stretch of beach we were enjoying.  She gets to enjoy it every day.  We envy her.

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Aerial photograph of W. Hollywood's Chateau Marmont Hotel

That is the distinctive Chateau Marmont Hotel on Sunset Boulevard in W. Hollywood in the center of this cool aerial photograph snapped on a recent helicopter tour of Los Angeles.  Originally opened in 1929 to be an elegant and distinctive Hollywood residence, business conditions during the depression forced the conversion of the building into a luxury hotel.  Now officially a cultural landmark the hotel is rife with great tales of Hollywood celebrities past and present.  Our private luxury tour guests had already seen the downtown skyline (from between the buildings) and the beach along Venice and Santa Monica from just above the waves all the way up to the Malibu Colony.  Rising up into the Santa Monica Mountains they flew over elegant hidden estates in Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Bel Air and Beverly Hills before getting to this part of Hollywood.  From here they flew over to the Hollywood Bowl and saw the Hollywood Sign from a birds’ eye view.  This popular flying adventure is in combination with a 3-hour private ground tour back through Hollywood and Beverly Hills to see everything again from street level.

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