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A Cat with Guts in Venice Beach

Venice Beach Delights Our Private Los Angeles Tour Guests The improving weather and spring are bringing the crowds back to the Venice Beach boardwalk which means […]

Venice Beach starts Art Crawl on August 19th, 2010

The 1st Monthly Venice Art Crawl will be kicking off on August 19th and continuing, all year round, every 3rd Thursday in Venice. The monthly event […]

American Ninja Warrior tryouts at Venice Beach 8-7 & 8-8

I was wondering when they were going to do a Ninja Reality Show!  This weekend we’ll see some real(?) ninjas doing their thing as G4 brings […]

Venice Beach Mounted Police

Police Take Their Horses to Tour Venice Beach Winnies, snorts and neighs but no sirens from these policemen as they greet the denizens and visitors of […]