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LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 31 October 2009

Pumpkin Ice Cream!


It is that time of year again in Los Angeles where the temperatures start to shift just enough to be brisk but not enough where we loose the right t stop bragging about our year round sunshine! Since, pumpkin ice cream is not something your find in the grocers isle, pretty much anywhere, I enjoy directing people to a scoop or two.
Bennett’s Ice Cream is one of a kind: Scott Bennett and his staff make their own ice cream from fresh ingredients mixed on the spot, which you can watch the process through Bennett’s kitchen window. Located in the famous Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles, which has become a main stop for those who search ” sightseeing tours Los Angeles ” you will find Bennett’s in Stall # 548 @ 6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA (323) 939-6786€Ž
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LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 28 October 2009

Private Tours vs. Cattle Tours

When visiting a place like Hollywood California, often times selecting the best tour to experience can seem like a blurry mirage as you peer at all of the choices spattered colorfully on brochures and web-sites. My suggestion is to go with a professional company that specializes exclusively in private tours. A tour with such a company will allow you to customize an experience with the help of their professionals in order to create a memorable experience of your visit. In addition, private tour guides are able to build a personal rapport with clients which allows them to do what they do best instead of having to stick to rehearsed script that they have repeated hundreds of times to larger groups. On a private tour the guide is not only personally conducting the tour for you, but is able to answer all of your questions while providing invaluable insights and opinions that will make the rest of your visit flawless.

So what is a cattle tour? Simply put, you will feel like cattle from the beginning to the end of the tour as you are herded through out your day with a group of 15-50 typically, from arriving, to paying for your tour, and experiencing your tour. Simply put, two completely different Hollywood tours.bus1-11

And perhaps the # 1 consideration for doing a professional private tour vs. a cattle tour is comfort. The comfort of a private vehicle such as a luxury conversion van or sedan, that is fully appointed, makes for a fantastic experience. Cattle tours utilize large vehicles, often times with multi levels that are designed to cram as many people into as possible, while being very uncomfortable and unaccommodating.


Also, note that limousine companies also offer private tours as well, but should not be confused with a professional private tour company. Limousines are great for social situations as guests sit in a circle with their backs mostly against the window and very low to the ground. This makes for a very nauseating experience on a tour, when clients are trying to twist and turn to look out the window.

In a nutshell, all of this is not only good advice for Hollywood tours , but anywhere that you are visiting. My wife and I make it a point to do a private tour as the first thing we do on vacation. Private helicopter tours are another great way to take the same concept to the next level!

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LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 27 October 2009

The Tower Bar at the Sunset Tower Hotel

948The Sunset Tower Hotel has undergone its first major renovation since the 1980’s. The Tower bar Restaurant is located adjacent to the lobby and offers a swank lounge and bar dining experience. Custom made banquettes fit directly into windows that showcase a view of the Los Angeles skyline. Art deco design influences include walnut with gold inlay trim in a subtle, muted color scheme. The delectable menu features California Bistro with Italian fare. A dress code is enforced, please call for information. A visit is the perfect end to a day enjoying California Tours and/or local attractions. 8358 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood CA 90069 (323) 848-6677

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LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 26 October 2009

Wine-tasting in the City of Angels

winetastingAlthough Northern California receives most of the acclaim for being a premium wine-growing region, it’s not the only destination in the Golden State where you can find a classy glass of red. The Wine Country of the north is somewhat remote when compared to the excellent wineries right in the Greater Los Angeles area. Wine connoisseurs with more on their mind than just a nice beverage could benefit from the many activities L.A. has to offer.

By now you’ve probably heard that Los Angeles is a top-notch tourist destination, and part of that owes to the sheer variety of experiences attainable on just one tour. It’s even possible to find an elite-level tour that California wine tours with a helicopter ride, and a roll through Hollywood in a luxury vehicle. With all of the different ways you could spend your time in L.A., it’s nice to have someone you can trust to take care of the logistics.

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LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 23 October 2009

Postmodern LA Structures

getty-center-from-air2Do not let the “lights, camera, action” aspect of LA distract you from some of our city’s most interesting structures and the exhibits inside of them. Places like:

* Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehry
* Museum of Contemporary Art by Arata Isozaki
* Getty Center by Richard Meier (photo)
* Broad Contemporary Art Museum by Renzo Piano
* Paley Center for Media by Richard Meier
* Skirball Cultural Center by Moshe Safdie
* Japanese Pavilion at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) by Bruce Goff
* Frank Lloyd Wright, the most generally renowned American architect, designed nine structures in the LA area
* The Pacific Design Center, at 1.2 million square feet, is the West Coast’s largest interior design marketplace
* The world’s first circular office building, Capitol Records, was designed to look like a stack of 45 rpm records
* The largest adobe building in the United States is Mission San Fernando in Mission Hills
* The largest concentration of restored Victorian homes in LA is the 1300 block of Carroll Avenue in Angeleno Heights
* Olvera Street in Downtown LA has 27 historic buildings
* The oldest existing house in LA is the 1818 Avila Adobe, in the center of Olvera Street LA. including:

LA boasts several of the world’s most lauded postmodern structures; some of which provide private escorted tours. With the Entertainment Industry stealing most of the spotlight with regard to

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LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 22 October 2009

The Business of LA

We get down to business here in LA! los-angeles1

* The largest toy manufacturer in the world and Barbie creator, Mattel, Inc., is based in LA
* The leading export from the Port of LA is electrical apparatus followed by flying devices
* The leading import by value is electronic machinery, followed by motor vehicle
* LA/Long Beach is the No. 1 import/export port in the United States. It is fifth in the world in terms of containers handled
* The LA region is home to one of the largest retail sales markets in the United States
* The Los Angeles Customs District is No. 1 for international trade
* Major exports include integrated circuits, aircraft and space craft, computers, aircraft parts and parts for office machines

* Hundreds of guided tours are conducted per day 365 days a year
* Major imports are computers, passenger vehicles, integrated circuits, office machine parts and reception apparatus
* LA is the nation’s No. 1 manufacturing center
* LA is the center of movie and TV production
* LA has 563,000 people that work in some type of a creative activity
* LA County is a leader in minority-owned businesses
* LA boasts the largest port complex in the United States
* The port serves 1.2 million cruise passengers every year
* The Port’s top five trading partners are China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand
* Los Angeles is the third largest hotel market in the United States
* LA has more than 92,000 hotel rooms ranging from hostels to luxurious five-star resorts

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LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 20 October 2009

Roof Top Lounge / Venice

rooftopAmbiance always attracts, and when it comes to cool roof top hang outs with amazing views, I am always drawn in for a peek. Located atop the Hotel Erwin overlooking the Pacific Ocean, High is a Venice Beach open-air lounge, where the nightly sunset is captivating and calming!

High takes full advantage of its outdoor location with 360 degree views of the city and famed Venice beach community. With an inviting, “no velvet ropes” attitude and a comfortable, contemporary design, tourists and locals alike mingle and enjoy a drink menu of premium handcrafted cocktails, artisan beers, interesting wines and light snacks after experiencing one of he luxury LA tours. Check out the view @ 1697 Pacific Avenue Los Angeles (Venice Beach), CA 90291 P: 310.452.1111

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LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 19 October 2009

Plenty to Do in Sunny Los Angeles


L.A. is the city that’s famous for a health-conscious lifestyle, fabulous weather, terrible traffic and celebrities galore. Whether you’re checking out the historic splendor of Grauman’s Chinese Theater or scanning the Hollywood Walk of Fame for the name of your favorite starlet, Hollywood is a hotbed of tourist attractions. Feel free to gawk at the film stars and high-powered studio execs as they pass, but try not to be too obvious about it.

Bear in mind that L.A. is about more than just Hollywood. What self-respecting fashionista could skip a trip to Rodeo Drive, that fabled stretch of retail space where high-priced decadence is the status quo. And of course Disneyland beckons from nearby Anaheim; it’s a popular destination for kids and parents alike. One thing is for certain: There’s never a shortage of things to do in Los Angeles.

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LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 19 October 2009

Touring on Goldwings


One of my favorite things to do as a tour guide is “couples tours” My wife and I have also arranged such tours in convertibles, horseback, Segway Machines, & yachts. On this particular day Honda Goldwings made for an adventurous and comfortable day for all involved as we enjoyed motorcycling in Hollywood, through the beach areas along Pacific Coast Highways from Malibu and as far up as Solvang and Santa Ynez.

This kind of touring takes the concept of “things to do in Hollywood” to an incredible new level. Enjoying the open air and making every stop along the way makes for an unforgettable California tour!


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LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 18 October 2009

Intelligentsia Coffee, Venice, CA

An affogato, which means “drowned” in Italian, is the marriage of espresso and gelato, perhaps the best combination of hot and cold since apple pie and ice cream. At Intelligentsia Coffeeimage Venice, this is achieved by first placing a scoop of dense vanilla bean gelato into a glass . The barista then pours a hot double shot of espresso over the gelato. The thick cream from the espresso melts the edges of the gelato, and well…….you get it. While you are at it, just go ahead and call it breakfast why don’t you!

In LA there is a cup of coffee waiting to be purchased around every corner, but purchasing one here should fall on to your “things to do in Los Angeles” list! Yum! Intelligentsia 1331 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA (310) 399-1233

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