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LA Adventure Specialist - 7:56 31 July 2010

SoBe Event today

SoBe is hosting at an upscale art/skate/shop venue in West Hollywood today,  Saturday, July 31st 2010.0

This will be the second SoBe Squamata summer event and will feature ultra-exclusive art, skate decks, and other apparel from Dr. Romanelli. In addition, we have a great line-up of Dublab Soundsystem DJ’s and performances by Ty Segall and Very Be Careful. There will also be an open bar, on-site food trucks, giveaways, and other cool activities and prizes. The event is being held at de la Barracuda, which was voted one of the Top 100 galleries in the world by Juxtapoz magazine. It’s an indoor/outdoor and super skate-friendly venue that has a very casual vibe and also features a hair salon and tattoo parlor on-premises.  SoBe has really revamped their line of drinks, and I am am always happy to serve them on the Los Angeles tours that we do privately. There has always been something about lizards and geckos that work with marketing!

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LA Adventure Specialist - 12:37 30 July 2010

Santa Monica Place is opening on August 6th 2010

Santa Monica Place is opening on August 6th and they’re having an opening day sweepstakes that will offer a range of gift-card prizes to the first eligible 500 people in line at the 3rd Street entrance.  Here are the details:

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – July 29, 2010 – Something special awaits the first 500 guests at the new Santa Monica Place on Friday, Aug. 6: Each of the first eligible 500 guests arriving at the 3rd Street entrance before the project’s official opening will receive a free Santa Monica Place Gift Card, with dollar amounts ranging from $10 to $500.  We will be showcasing the SMP on our Hollywood Tours regularly.  The inside scoop on the SMP from one of the Third Street Ambassadors, boasts of SMP as being one of California’s premier shopping destinations.

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LA Adventure Specialist - 9:03 29 July 2010

Los Feliz Village Summer Fair 7-31-10

The local businesses on Vermont, Hillhurst and Hollywood are celebrating summer with specials and discounts!

See the best Los Feliz has to offer – they’ll have the welcome mat out with 30-70% discount specials, strolling musicians, face painting, live entertainment & music and a scavenger hunt. Enjoy your favorite hang-outs and get to know Los Feliz’s new businesses.
Pick up a comprehensive map of participating members & planned events on the complimentary transports. Free transportation throughout the Village provided. Stops will be posted throughout the Village. Just one of the many annual and ongoing things to do in Los Angeles.

Get a chance to win a 3G IPAD! $1 raffle tickets will be available at several locations throughout the Village. Proceeds to benefit the Barnsdall Art Center.

Join the fun, relive the good times and celebrate at the Los Feliz Village Summer Fair.

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LA Adventure Specialist - 1:04 28 July 2010

Planning Your Los Angeles Vacation

There is certainly no shortage of things to do in Los Angeles; in fact, the sheer number of options often intimidates many people. This is why it’s a good idea to plot out your itinerary beforehand, identifying things you “have to see” and those that can be skipped. Not only will this help you consolidate your list of attractions, it will also help you maximize your time in the City of Angels.

LA is notorious for its traffic, and the last thing you want to do when you’re on vacation is sit in gridlock for hours on end. Part of your itinerary planning should include visiting locations close to each other on the same day. This will eliminate driving back and forth across the city incessantly. Before you begin, get a map and mark off everywhere you want to visit; this way, you can see what is close to what and determine the best means of transportation.

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LA Adventure Specialist - 1:04 14 July 2010

Star Tours in Hollywood

When most people think of star tours Hollywood, they conjure images of guided tours through gated communities with fans hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebs. This is certainly one of the most popular forms of star tours in LA, but it’s not the only one. Disneyland boasts its own version of Star Tours, although you won’t be driving through the pristine gardens of Beverly Hills.

Disneyland’s Star Tours is a Star Wars-themed ride that has been a part of the park for years. Unlike other rides which take you on a track, Star Tours is more like an interactive movie theatre. You sit in theatre style chairs with about 25 other people and watch an immense screen take you through the Star Wars universe. During the ride, the entire platform the seats are connected to moves and gyrates, giving you the impression that you are actually flying through a galaxy far, far away.

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LA Adventure Specialist - 8:17 1 July 2010

Seeing the City of Angels from the Clouds

Lost Angeles is notorious for its horrendous traffic, and when my wife and I recently visited the area on a business trip, the city certainly lived up to its reputation. Although we had the luxury of taking company taxis to and from everywhere we needed to be, we still had to allot ample time for travel. Since neither of us had ever been to the city before, we didn’t want to leave without a proper tour.

The prospect of spending an entire day fighting the traffic, however, was neither attractive nor feasible with my business schedule. Luckily, we were able to find a company that charters Los Angeles helicopter tours. Although we couldn’t see many of the sites close up, it did allow us to take in all of the major attractions in a fraction of the time.

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