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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 10:48 15 January 2012

Angels Flight Out of Commission

The historic Angels Flight railway, “the shortest railway in the world,”  in downtown Los Angeles is grounded for several weeks for routine maintenance and will likely reopen with a slightly higher ticket fare.

Starting Tuesday, January 10th, the railway was closed to replace worn rails and complete some carpentry and paint work on the 110-year-old rail cars, authorities said.

After the improvements, the fare likely will rise from a quarter to 50 cents.

Metro pass holders will receive a half-off discount if the nonprofit increases the cost for the one-minute trip up and down Bunker Hill, Angels Flight Railway President John Welborne told City News Service.

Angels Flight, dubbed “the shortest railway in the world,”‘ was closed in 2001 following an accident that killed one person and seriously injured seven. It reopened in 2010.  When you are on one of the fantastic sightseeing tours of Los Angeles be sure to have your guide take you for a ride on Angels Flight (when it reopens, of course).

Angeles Flight Railway

World's Shortest Railway

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