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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 12:05 18 January 2012

Secret Stairway to Heaven (Shhhh!)

Los Angeles is famous for its gym culture. But if you’re intimidated by all the hard bods at Gold’s — or if you just want to take the jogging path less traveled — the city’s network of historic staircases is an ideal way to stay fit.

Los Angeles stair street

Not going anywhere but enjoying the walk

City planners originally installed the public staircases in the 1920s as direct routes for hillside residents to get down to urban areas and transit lines. They fell out of use once the motor car came along, but the stairs still serve as direct paths into stately L.A. neighborhoods unseen by many Angelenos. Stairstreets they are called.  Great ways to work up an appetite before chowing down in a neighborhood cafe.  When you are looking for  things to do in Hollywood you should find the nearest stairway going up.  Who says Los Angeles isn’t a walkable city?

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