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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:30 30 June 2012

Lobsta Truck – Good Eats on the Go

Photograph of Lobsta Truck at night in Los Angeles

Food truck culture is as much a part of the Los Angeles food scene as the many high priced celebrity eateries and remaining Route 66 greasy spoons.  Lobsta Truck is one of our favorites.  Justin Mi got the idea on a summer trip to Maine (where else when you think of lobster?) and returning home created this traveling lobsteria beloved by the initiated.  While you can’t just go to food truck whenever you want, thanks to internet technology and smart phones you can easily find out where your target caterer is or is going to be.  Plans can be made.

We chanced upon the big red truck while on a private luxury tour of Los Angeles and Hollywood over by Sony Studios.  Once our guests saw the truck and we told them how good the food was they just had to stop and find out for themselves.  Nothing beats that for impromptu goodness!

Check out the Lobsta Truck website for a regular schedule and social media links so you can be connected and make your way over for a delicious seafood treat.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:43 29 June 2012

The Getty Villa from above

Aerial photograph of Getty Villa taken on our helicopter tour of Los Angeles

After buzzing low over the Venice and Santa Monica beaches on a luxury helicopter tour of Los Angeles we rise up at the palisades and soon pass over this exquisite Roman-styled building, the Getty Villa.  Built in the late 1950’s down the hill from J.P. Getty’s estate it housed his collection of ancient Greek, Roman and Etruscan artifacts.  The art and the building are certainly worth visiting when you have a chance.  We can arrange a visit to the museum on a ground tour or a combination helicopter flight and ground tour of Los Angeles.

Getty Villa
17985 Pacific Coast Highway
Pacific Palisades, California 90272
(310) 440-7300

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:25 28 June 2012

Supper with the Greatest of Ease

Photo of trapeze artist at Hollywood's SupperclubHollywood is happening!  The latest restaurant/nightclub to provide superb dining and entertainment is Supperclub.  Offering a different theme each month with a fixed menu cooked onstage and served to you in bed (yes, I did write “in bed”) you can lie back and savor the flavors of an extraordinary meal and then be delighted by music, performers and aerialists.  The experience is exciting and unique!

We take our private luxury tour guests through Hollywood all the time and no matter what custom tour we have designed for them we point out Supperclub as a suggestion for dinner.  In the old Vogue movie theater on Hollywood Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood Flyer announcing Supperclub's current theme "Electric Jungle"(between Highland and Vine) the electricity of the boulevard permeates Supperclub and you will find yourself thrilled and delighted with the experience.  Make your reservations now and enjoy “Electric Jungle,” this month’s theme.

6675 Hollywood Boulevard

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:09 27 June 2012

Two Rodeo is Number One!

Photograph of Two Rodeo Drive in Beverly HillsA pedestrians-only cobblestone road curves through Two Rodeo in Beverly Hills and past all the amazing store fronts.  Just window shopping is an eye-popping experience.  Just to name a few of the world renowned businesses inviting you inside: Tiffany & Co., Versace, Jimmy Choo, Damiani, Vertu and Breguet.  All of our luxury tours of the Los Angeles and Hollywood area visit Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.  We love to park and walk through Two Rodeo, visit a store or two (we have lots of room in our vehicles for shopping bags!) and get some exciting photographs of the storefronts and the street.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:28 26 June 2012

Do You Love Chocolate?

Photograph of window of K Chocolatier in Beverly Hills

Wisely called the Rolls Royce of chocolate, K Chocolatier in Beverly Hills is a chocolate lover’s dream shop.  This is the kind of luxury chocolate that we like to bring our tour guests visiting the Golden Triangle by to sample and purchase.  From the inventors of the chocolate covered strawberry comes a variety of tasty and sweet confections, chocolates that pleased regulars since 1970 at the original New York City boutique such as Jacqueline Kennedy and Katherine Hepburn.  I am sure that the store proprietess, Diane Krön, might be able to drop a few celebrity names who recently have visited her if you ask nicely.  With hospitality and service in mind Diane and her staff treat her guests as we do — special.

Photo of chocolate truffles from K ChocolatierIf we don’t take you to her store, be sure to visit K Chocolatier.  You deserve the treat.

K Chocolatier
9606 Santa Monica Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA  90210


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:47 25 June 2012

The Venice Canals in Southern California

Aerial photograph of Venice (CA) canals

In 1902 there were 16 miles of canals.  Today there are just six canals.  A small and now upscale corner of Venice, CA still provides watery fronts to its residents and landing pads for sea birds.  The Venice Boardwalk is the biggest attraction for visitors to this historic and fun southern California beach community but we always take our private luxury tour guests interested in the Los Angeles beach scene around the Venice canals and talk about Abbott Kinney and his vision of an American version of Italy’s Venice.  For more adventure take a Segway tour of Venice with us.  Or, as we captured in this photo, fly over the canals on one of our helicopter tours of Los Angeles.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:18 24 June 2012

Public Art in Beverly Hills

Photo of Beverly Hills sculpture Gordon and Lily

Maybe it is just our clientele but we often find ourselves being asked about public art in general or about specific pieces that we encounter while on a private luxury tour around Los Angeles.  We could easily do a tour just of public art.  A tour of public art in Beverly Hills would take all day!

One of the many wonderful pieces of public art found in Beverly Hills is this sculpture entitled Gordon and Lily by Victor Salmones.  Find this one at the corner of Camden and little Santa Monica.

Maybe you can help them to cross the street.  Be careful yourself!

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:03 23 June 2012

Drive Me Faster Tiny Roadster

Photo of a tiny roadster in Los AngelesNo one would dispute that the City of Angels is also the City of Automobiles.  Los Angeles is famous, or infamous, for its traffic.  One solution to being stuck on the roadway is to be driving a cool little roadster.  We have no idea what kind of car this is but it flashed by our luxury conversion vehicle (itself an eyecatcher) while we were on a private, custom luxury tour of Beverly Hills and Hollywood.  Someday I expect our camera, always on our lap as we drive, will be internet connected and have visual recognition software incorporated into its operating system so that we will know instantly what kind of car we are photographing.

Photograph of a red roadster in front of the Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood

This little red roadster zoomed by as we were driving with the same private tour group down Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood and right in front of the Sunset Gower Studios (once Columbia Pictures).

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:36 22 June 2012

Happy Birthday, Paramount Studios

Photo of Paramount celebration billboard - 100 years

Happy Birthday, Dear Paramount …  100 years, since 1912, Paramount Studios has been producing films, and later television, from their beautiful studio lot on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood.  It is the last of the major studios remaining in Hollywood.  Home of The Godfather and Star Trek we film buffs also know the first film to win an Oscar originated at Paramount (Wings).  We photographed this celebratory billboard near the studio during a private, custom luxury tour of Hollywood as we took our guests around the studio and through the Forever Hollywood cemetery right behind the studio.  We love to recommend the Paramount VIP Studio Tour to our guests who are really interested in seeing the inside operations of a working studio.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:23 21 June 2012

Helicopter Self-Portrait

Photo of the shadow of our helicopter over Will Rogers Beach in Los Angeles

We are flying low along Will Rogers State Beach in Los Angeles on a perfect morning before the beach goers arrive at this beautiful Santa Monica location.  Our private luxury tour guests enjoy photos like this provided on each of our tours.  We travel back in our custom vehicles after the flight to see more closely what we flew over in the helicopter.

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