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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 30 June 2013

Private Los Angeles Tour at the Griffith Observatory

Photo of the Hollywood Sign from the Griffith Observatory

Hollywood and the Stars on Our Private Tour

Two Hollywood icons are caught in this one photograph: the Hollywood Sign and the Griffith Observatory where the photo was taken on one of those beautiful Los Angeles days.  Naturally we take our private Los Angeles tour guests to see the celebrated homes and celebrity mansions of Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Brentwood but the Griffith Observatory has been a gateway to the skyward stars since 1935.  The museum and planetarium have been recently renovated and are exciting to visit for young people as well as adults.  Several fine hiking trails can lead you up to the facility if you do not wish to drive or are not with us on a private tour.  In fact, we would love to combine a hiking tour of Hollywood with a visit to the observatory.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 June 2013

Angels and Demons for Kids at Getty

Take a Private Tour to an Audio Tour for Kids

Poster for kids tour at Getty MuseumThe Getty Museum is one of the pre-eminent museums in the country.  Beautiful works of art in a breathtaking setting overlooking the Santa Monica Bay and all of Los Angeles.  Adults generally choose to visit an art museum while hoping that their children somehow will be inspired and find a way to enjoy the experience.  Fear not, parents, for the Getty has an audio tour created by kids for kids.  And, of course, the works of arts showcased in the tour are just what young people will enjoy — artworks containing demons, angels and all sorts of monsters.  The audio tour is guided by the voices of children and a few of their monster and demon friends.  The audio tour is mostly fun but sufficiently informative to consider your visit to the Getty educational.  Los Angeles on a private tour with us often includes a stop at the Getty Museum when on the way to the beach and Malibu.  A private tour within a private tour.  We do the driving and make all the arrangements.  You, and your children, will love it!

Photo of polyptych panel at the Getty Museum

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 June 2013

Flying to the Car Show — a Private Tour

Aerial photograph of La Jolla Car Show

Luxury Helicopter to the Luxury Car Show

Yes, we could have driven in our custom luxury van to the La Jolla Concours D’Elegance (classic car show) but a luxurious French helicopter is faster (and somehow appropriate for an originally French event) and offers far better views of the dramatic southern California coast than you can see from the San Diego Freeway.  And, the cars that were on display, oh my, they were enough to make a Beverly Hills billionaire pant.  When our guests are visiting Los Angeles and want to sightsee outside the city area we arrange for flights and vehicles and get them comfortably and elegantly to their destination.  We offer a number of pre-planned helicopter adventures that encompass wine tasting, shopping, clay shooting and even lunch at a wild animal preserve.  If we are remaining in the city we offer a number of ways to fly our helicopters around Los Angeles and then drive to many of the special locations we have just flown above.  If you are visiting Los Angeles then plan an excellent adventure with us!

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 27 June 2013

Shopping Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills

Photo of our guest on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills

Private Shopping Tour — Beverly Hills — Rodeo Drive

Unlike any other private Los Angeles tour company we can take you shopping and visit all the best stores in all the best neighborhoods.  Even better, our luxury vans have plenty of room to carry your packages back to the hotel.  Our Los Angeles shopping tour can include the fabulous and tony Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, including Two Rodeo, the neo-Italian promenade across Wilshire Boulevard from the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (think: Pretty Woman).  Nearby are the stores along Beverly Drive.  We can also take you to see the upscale boutiques on Robertson Boulevard.  If you prefer designer outlet malls we have the Citadel, an epitome of this kind of shopping.  But that’s not all.  How about flying by luxury helicopter to either Thousand Oaks north of Los Angeles or Desert Hills west of the city for a VIP visit to either of these two premium designer outlet malls?  This is a Los Angeles adventure tour we do often enough to have devoted a webpage to it.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 26 June 2013

Murder They Wrote — The Black Dahlia

Photo of the Hollywood apartment building where Elizabeth Short livedPrivate Los Angeles Tour — Looking for Murder

Because we specialize in custom luxury tours of Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and anywhere else we can get to, we expect to have guests occasionally who board our vehicle with a list of celebrated crimes and a wishing to visit locations associated with those crimes.  This day saw us retracing the history of the Black Dahlia murder, the oldest unsolved murder in the city’s history.  Our first stop was the Chancellor apartment building where Elizabeth Short, the victim, last lived.  We parked our black van in front of the building and walked with our guests around the neighborhood pointing out other buildings that were there at the time and describing the neighborhood.

Photo of the former home of  George HodelNext stop, a building notable as much for its Frank Lloyd Wright Mayan temple design as its possible disreputable history.  Known as the Sowden house, this was at the time of the Black Dahlia murder the residence of Dr. George Hodel, just one of the many suspects.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 25 June 2013

Blue Skies and Dodger Blue in Los Angeles

Photo of a Los Angeles Dodgers day game

Dodger Baseball Means Summer in Los Angeles

The solstice and the Supermoon just passed so it is now officially summer.  Summer means baseball and in Los Angeles that requires a trip to Chavez Ravine and to Dodger Stadium.  Since we cannot fly over the stadium on game days on our private Los Angeles helicopter tour we have to encourage our guests to have us get them Dodger tickets to see the stadium and experience a game at the third oldest baseball park (after Fenway and Wrigley for you baseball trivia buffs) in the U.S. and one of the best (certainly the best weather).  The Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1958 from Brooklyn (more trivia: the 1883 Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers) and have remained among baseball’s superstar teams all this time.  Now in town for a short series are their northern California archrivals, the World Champion San Francisco Giants.  Plan a custom luxury tour of Los Angeles with us and have us drop you off after the tour at the stadium for a delightful evening of baseball action.  Even if you cannot make it to a game on this visit be sure to tune into the Dodger broadcast to hear the great Vin Scully call the action.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 June 2013

No Frowns for June Gloom in Santa Monica

Photo of entrance to Santa Monica Pier

A Fun Private Los Angeles Tour to the Santa Monica Pier

While many of our guests stay at seaside hotels in Santa Monica, others are happier spending their nights in Hollywood and Beverly Hills, maybe even downtown Los Angeles.  Wherever our custom tour guests are staying the Santa Monica Pier is a visitor destination not to be overlooked.  Even if we arrive early (or late) in the day and are met by the marine layer (coastal fog bank) there is no June Gloom on our tours.  The weather is still warm and the fun lies ahead.  A historic carousel awaits at the head of the pier and there are thrill rides and carnival attractions between the carousel calliope and the surf sounds at the end of the pier.  Oh, and food.  Circus and fast food, yes, but also a couple of restaurants.  Fine dining, well, not really, but fine fun dining.  The first concrete pier on the west coast has been attracting crowds since 1909.  In 1925 it attracted Olaf Olsen, a retired sailor, who opened a recreational fishing business that kept commercial fishing away and who donated part of his profits to local needy families.  A Santa Monica hero he was the model for Elzie Seger’s comic strip character we all know as Popeye!  While not a good place for your skateboard, the Santa  Monica Pier is probably the best fishing spot on the bay.  Bring your reel and creel and let out a line.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 23 June 2013

The Hollywood Cross Between the Bowls

Vintage photograph of Hollywood Cross

Pilgrimage Play Theater Tribute on our Private Tour

So many old Los Angeles landmarks remain only in vintage photographs like this.  However, this structure, locally known as the Hollywood Cross, remains today in all its glory after 90 years.  The cross stands atop a knoll overlooking both the Pilgrimage Play Theater (now the John Anson Ford Theater) pictured above and the Hollywood Bowl.  At 32-feet tall and fully illuminated at night it is a wonderful landmark for us to point out on our private Los Angeles tour.  This homage to Pittsburgh Paint Co. heiress Christine Wetherill Stevenson honors her contributions early in the last century to the construction of the Hollywood Bowl and the Pilgrimage Play Theater where her Pilgrimage play was performed most summers from 1920 to 1964.  Today the cross is owned and maintained by Hollywood Heritage.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 June 2013

Hiking Tour on the Malibu Coast

Photo of guest on Malibu hiking tour

Where Do You Want Your Private Hiking Tour Today

Not all Los Angeles tours are about sitting in a bus with a crowd of murmuring people and trying to listen to a tour guide repeat a script for the umpteenth time while pointing out the window at tourist stops in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  We specialize in private custom luxury tours that get you away from the crowds to enjoy parts of Los Angeles that even locals might not know.  Our private hiking tours are one way to get around and get out of the vehicle to see, hear and touch the real Los Angeles.  This particular hiking tour had us in Malibu exploring the coast from the Malibu Colony up to Pt. Dume.  Our guests were exhilarated by the great trails with breathtaking views and sweet sea air.  Our cameras catch all the action so we can send our guests home with digital photographs to share along with all the vivid memories they made.

Photo of Malibu coastline

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 June 2013

The Heart of Hollywood — Roosevelt Hotel

Aerial photograph of Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood

A Private Tour of Hollywood’s Greatest Hotel

The Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard across from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre has been a center of Hollywood activity since it was built in 1927.  The grand structure has hosted many of the greatest stars of the entertainment world at one time or another.  The first Academy Awards ceremony was in the downstairs Blossom Ballroom in 1929.  The ghosts of Marilyn Monroe (a longtime resident of the hotel) and Montgomery Clift are said to walk the halls.  So many movies and television shows have been filmed here that a list is too long to enumerate here.  On any day we bring our private Los Angeles tour guests by to enjoy the lobby and decor, peek into the Blossom Room, admire the photographs and art on display, we might run into a film crew scouting or actually filming.  This is just a part of the Hollywood tour experience.  Even after a helicopter tour over and around Los Angeles we drive back to the Roosevelt to see what’s going on inside.  Today, as part of the Thompson Hotel Group, the Hollywood Roosevelt is a modern, comfortable, well-located hotel for visitors to Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

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