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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 4 March 2014

A Grand Canyon Picnic

Just before we land at the Grand Canyon for a picnic

A Grand Tour from Los Angeles for Special Guests

In so many respects Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon are in the general vicinity of Los Angeles.  Small aircraft charters can get us and our guests the 250 mile distance in no time.  From there we are met by a private luxury helicopter that will whisk us up over the giant gorge for an eagle’s view of the Colorado River flowing through the bottom of the great chasm.  Yet it is not just the flight through the Grand Canyon that is so much fun.  It is the private gourmet picnic lunch on the rim that makes the trip extra special.  Not everyone gets to see this Wonder of the World in such a comfortable and personal fashion.  Save Hollywood and Beverly Hills for a Los Angeles ground tour.  Allow one day on your visit to be this kind of amazing adventure.

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