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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 31 October 2014

Oscar in Hollywood Brings Smiles to Los Angeles Tour

It is time to begin thinking about Oscar nominations

Smile with Oscar for Your

Los Angeles Tour Photo Album

We admit that our luxury private tour of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and all the great sights and destinations in and around Los Angeles creates amazing memories for all of our guests.  To help with those memories, to share and revisit them years from now we photograph all of our tours and create a tour photo album of digital images for all of our guests.  Each of our guides is equipped with a high end digital SLR camera.  We even preview the images for our guests in our vehicles so they can relive their tour, the fun and discoveries, before we drop them off at their final destination.  What we notice is that all of our guests are beautiful, photogenic and film stars in their own right with a photo album to prove it.  Now that’s a luxury tour of Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 30 October 2014

Sunset Tour of Los Angeles

Sunset silhouette of downtown Los Angeles

Luxury Tour and Beautiful Sunset in Los Angeles

Every day the sun sets sooner which means a late afternoon private Los Angeles tour with us will witness the exquisite golden skies above the City of Angels as night arrives.  The sunlight is quickly replaced by the street lights and neon of a vibrant urban environment that comes to life again at the end of the day.  Clubs, restaurants, plazas and sidewalks fill with Los Angelenos looking for fun and excitement.  There is always something to see and do in in a 24-hour city like Los Angeles…even sightseeing.  Hollywood after dark, anyone?

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 October 2014

A Cool Cat in Hollywoodland Greets Our Private Tour

Cat statue of Figaro welcomes visitors to Hollywoodland

We Stop on Our Private Tour in Hollywoodland to Pet Figaro

Entering Hollywoodland through the giant stone portals of this historic land development area arising from the growing movie industry in the early 1920s there is a tiny village with a grocery, restaurant, antiques store and other small businesses.  A plaza is situated around the widened intersection which just invites us to stop and take pictures of Hollywoodland Realty and spend a little time with Figaro (above), a Sharon Loper artwork.  The calm beast attracts the cat lovers among our private Los Angeles tour guests who want to be photographed with the bronze sculpture.  The neighborhood is home to bobcats, polecats and even mountain lions (possibly) in addition to the expected Hollywood cats that help control the rodent population along with the indigenous rattlesnakes.  Just above us on the mountainside is the great Hollywood Sign.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 October 2014

Los Angeles – Sunset – Helicopter Tour

Downtown Los Angeles at sunset seen by our tour helicopter

Our Helicopter Tour Departs at Sunset

from a Los Angeles Skyscraper

We encounter very few flight restrictions when we schedule our private Los Angeles tour and include an aerial portion aboard one of our luxury helicopters.  That means we can depart and fly at different times of the day and night, whatever is best for our guests.  In terms of beauty and the resulting photography we always mention to our guests how exquisite the city is as the sun sets and the lights come on.  Downtown, Hollywood, the Sunset Strip – all come alive as the darkness deepens.  In addition, our guests can decide to use a rooftop helipad in downtown Los Angeles as their departure location.  That makes the journey not only breathtaking but a complete adventure.  Very few of our guests who have flown in a helicopter before have had the experience of taking off from atop a tall building into the canyons of skyscrapers with city street traffic immediately far below.  Office workers admire our pretty aircraft through their windows as they watch us glide away.  They wish they were flying with us.

Our luxury helicopter atop a Los Angeles skyscraper

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 27 October 2014

The Big Bang Theory Actress to be Honored

We Will Take Our Private Tour to See the Ceremony

Kaley Cuoco to get her Hollywood Walk of Fame star We love bringing our private Los Angeles tour guests to the Hollywood Walk of Fame when there is a star ceremony happening.  A real celebrity sighting, several in this case, and a fitting celebration of a performer’s body of work and contributions to their area of entertainment.  Kaley Cuoco will be so honored this coming Wednesday, October 29th at 11:30 a.m.  We will stop near the intersection of Cherokee and Hollywood Boulevard where the crowd will be gathered to see and hear Kaley and her pals from The Big Bang Theory become a part of Hollywood history.  Those unable to attend the ceremony can watch the live streaming version on the Walk of Fame website.  The website is also a good place to locate the Walk of Fame stars of your favorite movie stars, musicians, television actors, and any of the myriad people who have made Hollywood and the Walk of Fame a major destination in Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 October 2014

Wildlife Seen on Private Los Angeles Tours

Bald eagle eyes its surroundings on Catalina Island

Private Tour Guests See Bald Eagles and

Deer on Their Los Angeles Tour

Our tour guides have their cameras ready at all times because we never know what we are going to see when showing our private custom tour guests around Los Angeles.  In the case above, we were visiting Catalina Island, just off the Los Angeles coast, hiking along the perfect trails on a late summer day when we saw this bald eagle majestically perched above us.  We did not disturb the bird and only got photos of it at rest.  We also regularly see coyotes, raccoons and skunks.  Bobcats and possibly mountain lions are around but we never see them.  We have managed to enjoy all our hikes without running into any bears which occupy the San Gabriel Mountains above Pasadena to the north of downtown Los Angeles.  But deer, both a pest and a menace to homes with well tended gardens and landscaping, are everywhere and we occasionally see them close enough for a good photograph.  In the land of Bambi all our tour guests enjoy seeing the tranquil animals munching on grasses and shrubbery on the hillsides.

A hillside deer nibbles near a Hollywood home

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 23 October 2014

The Yellow Rolls Royce of Hollywood

The Yellow Rolls Royce in Hollywood

Our Los Angeles Tour Guests Love Carspotting

Our guide was impressed to have his private custom tour guests draw his attention to the yellow rolls royce parked at an auto service center.  They were familiar with the 1964 film The Yellow Rolls Royce that follows the romantic stories of three owners of the same Phantom.  The 1964 film written by Terence Rattigan stars Rex Harrison and Jeanne Moreau, George C. Scott and Shirley MacLaine, and Ingrid Bergman and Omar Sharif.  Could this be the same car used in the film?  It is certainly possible though Hollywood film aficionados know that movie companies always have a number of similar vehicles available during filming in the event something unforeseen occurs or to have different cars available for different purposes (principal shots and 2nd unit filming).  Sometimes one car is driveable and used for “on the road” scenes while another inoperative vehicle is only used for close-ups.  This could be one of those cars or maybe not.  Just another yellow Rolls Royce Phantom in for an oil change in Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 October 2014

Serious BBQ, Seriously


Get some incredible BBQ in Hollywood from Adam Perry Lang

Private Hollywood Tour Lunch Behind Jimmy Kimmel’s Studio

Do you love BBQ?  Are you planning on a visit to Hollywood, maybe to watch a taping of the Jimmy Kimmel show?  Then make sure you have tickets for today, Thursday or Friday for a chance to enjoy lunch from the super grill of celebrity chef Adam Perry Lang.  He has set up shop in the parking lot area right behind Jimmy’s studio on Hollywood Boulevard.  Lunch is from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. with take away service from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Adam’s efforts will help support several local charities.  Even if you do not have show reservations you should drop by for lunch and to help a couple of good causes.  We are parking our Elite Adventure Tours vans downwind of Adam’s smoke trail and allowing our private Los Angeles tour guests to walk us over to the source of those enticing aromas.  Our guides are eager to plan their tours to arrive in Hollywood at lunch time.  See you there!

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 October 2014

Hot Summer Days Carry Us Along in October

A beautiful October beach day in Los Angeles

Our Private Tour Guests Love Los Angeles Weather

Was your summer too short?  Do you miss the nice weather and the rolling waves at the shore?  Los Angeles has more to offer than Hollywood and its stars, Beverly Hills and celebrity homes, exclusive shopping and gourmet restaurants.  There is always the beach.  Our private Los Angeles tour takes our guests to see the beach close up (a walk along the waves) with a thorough exploration of Venice and Marina del Rey, Fisherman’s Village and yes, celebrity homes in Malibu (you cannot escape Hollywood’s glitzy influence).  Bring your shorts and flip-flops when you visit our grand city by the sea no matter what time of year you plan to be here.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 October 2014

No Bull Puckey – Our Guests Ride the Bull in W. Hollywood

Riding the bull at the Saddle Ranch Chop House

Good Food and Lots of Excitement for Our

Private Tour Guests at the

Saddle Ranch Chop House

The original Saddle Ranch Chop House opened on the Sunset Strip in 1999 and has been attracting visitors and locals ever since.  The success has bred four other restaurants in California and Arizona.  The eye-catching “western” style architecture gets the attention of our private Los Angeles tour guests as we explore the Sunset Strip between Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  If the mood is right we can pull in and enjoy our lunch time with excellent BBQ and steaks and watch folks, even our own people, ride the mechanical bull which is a centerpiece in each of the restaurants.  It is so Urban Cowboy even after all these years.  Where’s John Travolta and Debra Winger?


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