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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 27 May 2015

A Very Special Private Beach Tour

A special occasion private tour might include a wedding proposal on the beach

Our Los Angeles Tour Guests Are

Here for All Occasions

It is graduation time right now and many of our private Los Angeles tour guests are visiting Los Angeles and Hollywood with their families as a reward for all their hard work toward matriculation.  Throughout the year we find ourselves party to a family coming to Los Angeles for all kinds of traditions and special occasions.  We are more than happy, delighted really, to assist in the planning of private custom tours and adventures to celebrate and memorialize these occasions.  Wedding proposals are a specialty of ours.  We can provide extra special helicopter tours to romantic spots around Los Angeles to really amaze an unsuspecting partner.  A flight to Malibu Rocky Oaks can even mean a private overnight accommodation with music and a personal chef to prepare a romantic sunset meal by the infinity pool.  We also can journey up to the Santa Ynez Valley for a vineyard proposal.  Or, as above, just a long walk on a secluded beach that climaxes with a marriage proposal beneath a flock of wheeling seagulls (the birds are extra).  Do not overlook retirement parties, anniversaries and all the other special occasions that are landmarks in our lives.  We have a custom tour just for that.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 26 May 2015

May Gray Early in the Day

The fog rolls out of Los Angeles at the beach

A Little Fog Does not Hinder a Private Tour

We consider fog just a variation of another nice day in L.A.  Through May we experience May Gray, the arrival of the marine layer into the city drawn by the heating of the interior of the state as the days get longer and warmer.  And then, in June, it’s time for June Gloom as the same phenomena likely continues in the early part of the month.  Our Los Angeles private tour guests taking early morning or late afternoon tours will probably appreciate the cooler temperatures that accompany the white wisps of moisture as the giant ocean cooled cloud marches in from the beach.  As you see in this aerial photograph from a recent combination helicopter and ground tour, the fog is not solid and there are always large patches of beach that see the sun.  We warn our guests to be wary of sun exposure because the harmful rays penetrate the thin fog layer.  That’s why we carry sunscreen with us.  Hats and umbrellas would be a good idea, too.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 May 2015

Sweet Caroline by the Hollywood Sign

Our private Los Angeles tour guests warm up for concert in front of the Hollywood Sign

Neil Diamond Fans Enjoy a

Private Los Angeles Tour

He may sing about Coming to America but our guests coming to Los Angeles for a private tour just want to belt out a Neil Diamond hit as they pose for a group photograph in front of the Hollywood Sign.Neil Diamond coming to the Hollywood Bowl  The Hollywood Bowl appearance of the popular singer/songwriter is this Saturday and, as is always the case, there will be 17,000+ fans rocking and rolling to their favorite hits in that world famous hillside amphitheater.  Our guests found songs to sing throughout their sightseeing excursion and their guide joined in on Play Me and Kentucky Woman.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 May 2015

Venice Blooms with Bopp Mural

Clinton Bopp mural in Venice, CA

Outdoor Art to Impress our Private Tour

A photograph does not do justice to this entrancing mural by Clinton Bopp called Innocent Wonder which we lingered in front of while walking down Abbot Kinney in Venice on a private Los Angeles tour.  The mural goes around a corner and so embraces the viewer from wherever we stand.  The photos we took are included in the digital tour album provided to our guests so they can print and share the images however they wish.  With our cameras our guests need not be concerned about taking photos all the time and leave it to us instead.  Venice has numerous murals, in fact is famous for its large scale outdoor paintings.  We delight in showing them to our guests who are interested in this artform.  Clinton Bopp was involved in a controversial Venice mural renovation where an artist’s moral rights, the building’s owner and The Doors’ privacy rights collided.  Read the story here and when you visit Los Angeles we will take you to see the mural at the center of the story.

The corner of the large Clinton Bopp mural

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 May 2015

Hollywood Roosevelt Mailbox Spells Dad

Our private Los Angeles tour guests connect with family at the Hollywood Roosevelt

Our Private Tour Guests Enjoy Lobby Surprise

Our custom luxury tour of Los Angeles is a comfortably paced experience.  Our guests determine, with suggestions from their guide, what the itinerary, route and timing will be.  If they have something special they wish to locate we make sure that we get there and spend as much time as our guests wish.  What a surprise we all had when we were inside the beautiful Spanish decor lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  As our guest approached the shining gold letterbox he immediately noted that the manufacturer was his father’s company, Cutler Mailing System.  We enjoyed a lengthy look around the lobby appreciating his A closeup of the golden letter box in the Hollywood Roosevelt lobbyfamily’s contribution to the stately and elegant space.  He was fascinated by the stories their guide told of the hotel, its place in Academy Award history, its connection to Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift and even to its use in the filming of Entourage.  But they kept returning to the mailbox and spent all the time they wanted admiring a family relic.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 19 May 2015

Our Los Angeles Tour Sees New Star

We get to see Sofia Vergara on the Walk of Fame

Our Private Tour Happy to See Sofia Vergara

Our guides leave our offices each day with a schedule of activities in and around Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills, even the beach communities of Venice, Malibu and Santa Monica, that might interest their guests on a private Los Angeles tour.  Foremost on the list are events where there will be celebrities.  So many visitors touring with us are star-bedazzled and we want them to see the movie stars and recording artists out and about if we can.  The Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony is always a favorite for our tours and we like them because they are scheduled, regular and in Hollywood where we always are going to be when we are sightseeing.  We know where to park and if our guests want we will walk them over to the crowd honoring that day’s new Walk of Fame star.  This day it was Sofia Vergara, star of TV’s Modern Family and the new comedy with Reese Witherspoon, Hot Pursuit.

Sofia Vergara poses with her brand new Hollywood Walk of Fame star

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 May 2015

Service Your Diva in Hollywood

Where to get your diva serviced in Hollywood

Our Private Tour Guests Smile at This

This is the perfect name for a Hollywood business.  Diva Service Center has been in this busy location for more than 20 years.  Thousands of amused visitors enjoying the Walk of Fame pass by this automobile repair business and those with “punny” imaginations smile when dreaming of great movie stars and performers slipping in for a little tune-up.  Our guides know the jokes well and if they see our private Los Angeles tour guests reacting to the business sign high up on the wall will grab a photograph or two for their tour album.  If you have a diva in your tour party be sure to bring this to your guide’s attention and we will plan on dropping in when exploring Hollywood.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 15 May 2015

The Dash to DASH in Los Angeles

Taking and private Los Angeles tour and shopping at DASH

Los Angeles Shopping Tour Stop No. 1 – DASH

We packed up our luxury SUV with a bevy of beauties for a private Los Angeles tour that included stops at all the best shopping places including clothing, accessories and Hollywood souvenirs.  As you examine the excited faces of our guests you certainly understand immediately why there was instant agreement about where to head to first….while the extra space in the car was still empty.  DASH.  On Happy faces on the way to DASH in Los AngelesMelrose Avenue near Melrose Place.  A hip stop to shop.  Owned by Kourtney, Khloé, and Kim Kardashian, there are presently three locations across the U.S.  This West Hollywood location, close to Beverly Hills, is so much more convenient for our guests than the very first DASH boutique up in Calabasas which is now closed.  There were no signs of any Kardashians during our visit but there were a whole bunch of starlet-looking fashionistas.  We fit right in.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 May 2015

Lake Hollywood and the Hollywood Sign

This is beautiful look at Lake Hollywood and the Hollywood Sign from our helicopter

Some Hollywood Views Are Only Seen

on an Aerial Tour

We can approach that all-important landmark destination, the Hollywood Sign, from a number of directions when we are flying over the city in our luxury helicopter.  Our aerial tours, especially when in combination with a custom ground tour of Los Angeles, really allow our private tour guests a chance to see so much of this grand, and very large, city.  While we love to talk to our guests about the hiking trail that circumnavigates Lake Hollywood (more than 3 miles of easy trail) when we hover over Mulholland Dam everyone can see much of the trail around the reservoir.  The San Fernando Valley stretches out beyond Mt. Lee and the Hollywood Sign glows above everything.  Who says there is no water in Los Angeles?

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 13 May 2015

New Agusta Helicopters for Private Tour

The August 109 is the latest luxury helicopter in our fleet

Even More Luxury on a Private Helicopter Tour

Why is a twin engine luxury helicopter more suited to our private Los Angeles tour guests?  With a twin engine aircraft we can fly out over the ocean, that’s why.  As all our custom tours are determined on the fly, so to speak, with our guests’ interests and desires of foremost concern, we can extend our tour of the city and beaches out over the bay and even to Catalina Island without running afoul of FAA regulations.  Also, and equally important to us, we can carry six passengers aboard the larger Agusta 109.  That’s the same number of passengers that fit in our luxury SUVs that we use on ground tours of Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and beach communities of Venice, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica and Malibu.  How fitting to fly above the magnificent beach mansions in Malibu and the castles of Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills and Bel Air in a luxury aircraft that would not look at all out of place landing on the manicured lawns of the homes below.

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