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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 5 May 2016

Downtown Los Angeles in the Mist

Like Oz, downtown rises through the morning mist as we fly over Echo Park Lake

Our Private Tour Gets Awesome Aerial Photographs

Los Angeles is probably one of the most photographed cities in the world if only because this is a major media center.  Movies, television, and news networks create millions of photographs and film sequences a year.  Add in the fact that everyone has at least one camera equipped cell phone with them at all times and we can hardly imagine the number of images that are created every single day here in Los Angeles.  And we contribute to that.  Our guides all carry with them very high quality digital SLR cameras and as part of their duties photograph their guests and the places they go throughout their private Los Angeles tour – even from inside their tour helicopter as seen above while the tour group flew toward downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) and were nearing Echo Park Lake.  All of these photographs go into a digital tour album that the family can share and distribute as they wish.  Imagine photographs of the entire family all the time, no missing persons.  Imagine having someone taking photographs who does it every day and knows the best places and angles to take pictures of all the famous locations in and around Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Venice and downtown Los Angeles.  We do this so often our pilots know exactly where to slow or hover so that the best aerial photographs are possible.

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