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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 May 2016

All Things Disney Start Here

The front gate to the Walt Disney Co. in Burbank

A Private Tour of Movie Studios Brings Us to Disney

There are five major movie studios in the world that anyone can likely name: Universal, Paramount, MGM, Warner Brothers and … Disney.  Ask a young person to name the major movie studios and you probably only get one name back.  Yes, Disney.  We grew up with Disney in our parents’ days and the same for most grandparents around today.  Of course, young folks have even more Disney films, television, music and products than ever before.  When we have a family on board enjoying a private custom tour around Los Angeles we get lots of Disney-related questions from the youngsters.  Often that means we will journey to Burbank and drive around the The Walt Disney Co. studios.  We can point out the features of the lot that speak to our young guests and impress their parents with stories, facts and statistics that make this studio facility stand out.  This particular studio has been the home to Disney films since 1939, constructed with the profits from Walt Disney’s hugely successful first full length animated motion picture, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Last year revenue for the studio exceeded $50 BILLION.  That’s incredible when you think of Walt’s modest start in a Los Feliz garage (ask and we will take you to see that).  Disney really is everywhere in our lives and especially around Hollywood.  Of course, Disneyland is less than an hour away.  Yes, we like to think of ourselves as an “E-ticket” ride through Disney’s world.

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