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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 May 2016

Tower Records – A Hollywood Dream

It looks like Tower Records has returned to the Sunset Strip in W. Hollywood

Our Guests on Their Private Tour Remember the Halcyon Days of Tower Records

The great music store is long gone and well remembered.  Tower Records was once a focal point of musical activity on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood but it is now just stories, books and a well-received documentary by Colin Hanks (All Things Must Pass).  As a part of the festivities surrounding the premiere of the film the currently unused building was repainted in the grand yellow and red banner so familiar to anyone who bought music during the 45 years that Tower reigned in music sales.  Begun in Sacramento, the business by the late 60’s was in major cities around the U.S. and soon thereafter in countries all around the world.  The Sunset Strip store is probably considered the most iconic of the stores located as it was in the heart of the Hollywood music and entertainment scene.  There were impromptu concerts and appearances by music greats.  You never knew who you would bump into in the stacks of records and later on CDs.  Our private tour of Hollywood had aboard this day some folks who were so excited to see the store and then so disappointed to learn it was just an empty building where Tower Records once flowed with the rhythm of rock ‘n roll.

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