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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 May 2016

Photo Fun at the Hollywood Sign

In a field below the Hollywood Sign our private Los Angeles tour guests jump for joy

Our Private Tour Guests Love to Goof Off

Sightseeing is fun.  It is supposed to be an enjoyable way to learn about someplace you visit.  On a private tour in Los Angeles, however, our guests REALLY have fun.  This is not just a factor of our tour guides all being from the performing side of the entertainment industry though that might be a part of it.  Always ready with a joke, funny anecdote or a quick bon mot, each guide makes certain that their passengers are entertained as well as informed and excited about the sights and people they get to see as they navigate Hollywood, Beverly Hills, downtown and the beaches.  The warm sunny weather most days of the year brings out the joy in our guests.  The smiles all around them as Los Angelenos go about their daily business contribute to a fun atmosphere for their luxury tour of the city.  And maybe it is partly caused by the snacks we serve aboard our luxury SUVs.  Perhaps it is the fact that we are photographing our guests everywhere we go and making subtle suggestions that they forget about the usual family poses and let their inner-child come out.  We once had a physics student suggest that the gravity might be lower in Hollywood.  Now that would explain everything and why the “Hollywood Jump” is such a popular response to “smile for the camera” when we arrive up at the Hollywood Sign.

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