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Back to School Beer Tasting 8-29-10

Back to School Beer Tasting
Glendale (3-5pm)
The Back to School Beer Tasting will be held at Red Carpet Wine with headmaster Larry James of Wine Warehouse. Celebrate the last days of a glorious Summer and the school system taking over the supervision of your children again with BBQ by RCW’s Pat. $30 per person, call to RSVP: 800.339.0609.

This is part of what I love about being a private guide of luxury “tour vans Los Angeles” because along with all of the traditional, historical and new sights that I showcase on a private customized tour, there is simply NEVER a lack of new and interesting things to do in this town on any given day or hour!  This is just another cool example. Red Carpet in Glendale is not just a place where you can go to get the finest wine and spirits in Los Angeles, but they have a tasting bar that is the coolest and most comfortable that I have ever seen.  It says……”Sit down…..stay a while.”  If you are tasting at the bar you are also welcome to bring some food along with you!  So, show up for the beer on Sunday and come back for the wine!  And while you are there……..ask for HK the owner……he is almost always there and a super nice guy!

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