LA Adventure Specialist - 10:31 23 November 2010

PETA Names UCLA Most Vegan-Friendly College Campus

vegan-lasagna.jpgTurns out a “Bruin” isn’t necessarily a carnivorous beast: PETA has named UCLA”the most Vegan-Friendly College in the U.S.” among larger schools, besting 31 others in the process, which was a bracketing system compared to college basketball’s “March Madness.” PETA2 Director Dan Shannon singles out UCLA as a role model for nutrition education, adding: “More and more young people are learning that the best thing that they can do for animals, the planet, and themselves is to go vegan.” Though animal rights are a huge issue at UCLA, their dining halls offer several vegan options for students. On our private Los Angeles tours it is often considered unique by our clients to have a plethora of various vegan dining options.  (h/t Squid Ink)

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