LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 2 November 2009

Old Guys Rule!

dsc_0035-4Every time it comes up in conversation that I ride Honda Goldwing motorcycles, 9 times out of 10 the response is something along the lines of “Aren’t those bikes for Old Guys?” It drives me crazy, but certainly does not deter me. I shall state my case.

Comfort and handling are two huge reasons I enjoy this size bike when riding around Southern California! The seats are amazingly comfortable. I have handle bar warmers and seat warmers if it gets chilly. In addition, my wife is extremely comfortable with the same features and in addition to great back support and arm rests. And lets not forget get the I-POD plug in, & CD player that can be played on the top of the line speaker system. There is nothing better to me that cruising down the highway on a motorcycle that can handle the road well, having my wife’s arm comfortably wrapped around me, and enjoying my favorite tunes all beneath a beautiful California sun! When client’s contact me about California wine tours, my first question is usually; do you have a motorcycle license? On a Goldwing, being the designated driver is quite cool! So, although I may be saying this prematurely, “Old Guys Rule.” 🙂

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