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Fox Plaza

Fox Plaza is a 492 feet (150 m) high skyscraper with 35 floors in Century City, Los Angeles, California, a local landmark. Completed in 1987, the architects behind its design were Scott Johnson, Bill Fain and William L. Pereira. Owned by Orange County-based The Irvine Company, Fox Plaza is 20th Century Fox’s headquarters.

Former President of the United States Ronald Reagan occupied a penthouse on the 34th floor for several years after leaving public office. The 34th floor is now occupied by global management consulting firm, ZS Associates.

The Fox Plaza was the last building that Pereira worked on before his death in 1985.

The building has featured in at least four major motion pictures released by Fox. It appeared as Nakatomi Plaza, the setting of the firstDie Hard film, in which its destruction was accomplished using a scale model. The plaza and a neighboring building are the main setting for rock & roll comedy Airheads. The lobby featured in the opening scene of Speed.  Fox Plaza was also used as one of the buildings brought down at the end of Fight Club, and featured in “Family Guy” season 7, episode 10, “Fox-y Lady.”  Talked about on LA guided tours, Fox Plaza is featured in the video game, Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Fox Plaza is used for the corporate offices of Chimera Gas in the dark comedy Motorama. Fox Plaza is also used as the headquarters for Mr. Zalinsky’s Auto Parts in the movie Tommy Boy.

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