LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 27 September 2009

Fires from Space!

wildfires-2009Seeing a California fire from space, really allows a person to to put enormity of the situation into perspective. The California Station fire that began in August 2009 seemed liked it would never get contained as it burned fiercely even at times when the wind was calm, destroying hundreds of structures and killing two people. Many of these wildfires continue to burn through the month of September. Although fires burned many different regions ofCalifornia in August, the month was especially notable for several very large fires which burned in Southern California, despite being outside of the normal fire season for that region.

Sporadic fires are normal throughout California in the summer and fall as temperatures rise and rainfall drops, causing vegetation to die off and provide fuel for combustion. Three years of drought amplified these effects, making already fire-prone California ripe for wildfires. Visitors on Tours of Los Angeles are always curious about the local fire updates. These fires may be ignited by natural sources like lightning, or through human activity.

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