LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 22 October 2009

The Business of LA

We get down to business here in LA! los-angeles1

* The largest toy manufacturer in the world and Barbie creator, Mattel, Inc., is based in LA
* The leading export from the Port of LA is electrical apparatus followed by flying devices
* The leading import by value is electronic machinery, followed by motor vehicle
* LA/Long Beach is the No. 1 import/export port in the United States. It is fifth in the world in terms of containers handled
* The LA region is home to one of the largest retail sales markets in the United States
* The Los Angeles Customs District is No. 1 for international trade
* Major exports include integrated circuits, aircraft and space craft, computers, aircraft parts and parts for office machines

* Hundreds of guided tours are conducted per day 365 days a year
* Major imports are computers, passenger vehicles, integrated circuits, office machine parts and reception apparatus
* LA is the nation’s No. 1 manufacturing center
* LA is the center of movie and TV production
* LA has 563,000 people that work in some type of a creative activity
* LA County is a leader in minority-owned businesses
* LA boasts the largest port complex in the United States
* The port serves 1.2 million cruise passengers every year
* The Port’s top five trading partners are China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand
* Los Angeles is the third largest hotel market in the United States
* LA has more than 92,000 hotel rooms ranging from hostels to luxurious five-star resorts

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