LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 3 December 2009

A Private LA Club

The Jonathan Club is a private social club in Los Angeles, California, U.S. It maintains two clubhouses, one in downtown Los Angeles at 545 South Figueroa Street (built in 1924) and one on the beach in Santa Monica. Indeed, the private club’s location in a prime spot on the Santa Monica beach has been a continuing source of debate, since that portion of the beach is off limits to all but clubmembers and their guests.

The Los Angeles headquarters has dining and residential facilities, ballrooms, a health club, a library and other accoutrements. The Jonathan Club has been rated among the top five private city clubs of the United States for many years, and the Santa Monica Beach location can be showcased nicely on LA helicopter tours.

Membership in the club is by invitation. For most of its history it was for men only, but since 1987 it has accepted both men and women.

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