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La Cienega Boulevard

La Cienega Boulevard is a major north-south arterial road that runs between El Segundo Boulevard in El Segundo, California on the south and the Sunset Strip/Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

It is unusual among most Southern California roadways in that part of it was built to freeway standards in the late 1940s as part of the proposed Laurel Canyon Freeway, part of State Route 170. The SR 170 freeway was never completed south of U.S. Route 101, and the stretch of La Cienega from just north of Fairview Blvd in Inglewood, through the Baldwin Hills and along theKenneth Hahn State Recreation Area to Rodeo Road in Los Angeles is a divided, limited access highway with few traffic signals. As such, emergencycall boxes like those found along the area’s freeways were installed along that stretch in the 1970s.

From south of Fairview and from north of Rodeo, La Cienega Boulevard is a regular surface street and one of Hollywood’s major thoroughfares. Offices forA&E Network, The History Channel and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are located on La Ciénega as are the studios of KABC and KLOS, two of Los Angeles’ biggest radio stations. A portion of La Cienega in and adjacent to Beverly Hills is known as “Restaurant Row” for its large number of upscale restaurants, showcased on many “star tours Hollywood.” South of Olympic, La Cienega is known for its large number of automotive-related business including several used car dealerships and many body shops and auto mechanics.

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