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Tournament House

Tournament House is the name given the building where the organization is headquartered. The Tournament House (formerly the Wrigley Mansion) and the Wrigley Gardens are located onSouth Orange Grove Boulevard, Pasadena, California. The structure, a stately Italian Renaissance-style mansion, was once owned by William Wrigley Jr., the chewing gum magnate. After Mrs. Wrigley’s death in 1958, the property was presented to the city of Pasadena with the condition that the house become the permanent base of operations for the Rose Parade.

Today, the five bedrooms of the second floor are used for committee meetings, dressing area for the Royal Court and for displaying of the Tournament of Roses traditions, and can be seen from private Los Angeles helicopter tours. There are displays of trophies, past Rose Bowl Games, Grand Marshals, Presidents, and Queens and Courts. Of interest is the original panel of Peanuts comic strip for January 1, 1974, when its creator Charles M. Schulz served as the Grand Marshal.[4] On the panel, Lucy was watching the parade on TV and was telling Charlie Brown that “They have some of the most beautiful floats this year I’ve ever seen.” When Charlie asked about the grand marshal, Lucy said, “Yeah, you missed him … but he wasn’t anyone you ever heard of!”

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