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Mulholland Drive in Pop Culture

File:2004-04-02 - 31 - Mulholland Drive.jpgKing of the Mountain was a fictional movie loosely based on actual Mulholland Drive racers, racing to be king of the hill. The 1981 movie include stars, Dennis Hopper, Harry Hamlin, Seymour Cassel and Dan Haggerty. The films Mulholland Drive and Mulholland Falls were named after the road.

The events described in the spoken portions of the Poe song Hey Pretty take place on Mulholland Drive, mostly close to scenic points on star tours Hollywood.

Mulholland Drive inspired (and is mentioned in) the R.E.M. song Electrolite.

Mulholland is mentioned, along with other major Los Angeles thoroughfares, in the Tom Petty song “Free Fallin’.”

There is also a ride at Disneyland’s California Adventure called “Mulholland Madness” (previously, “Mulholland Highway”).

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