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Los Angeles County

File:Map of California highlighting Los Angeles County.svgLos Angeles County is a county in California and is by far the most populous county in the United States. Figures from the U.S. Census Bureau give an estimated 2008 population of 9,862,049 residents, while the California Department of Finance lists a January 1, 2009, estimate of 10,393,185. The county seat is the city of Los Angeles, the largest city in California.

The county is home to 88 incorporated cities and many unincorporated areas. The southern portion is the most heavily urbanized area and is home to the vast majority of the population which lives along the Southern California coastline and the inland basins and valleys. The northern half is a large expanse of less-populated desert including the Santa Clarita Valley and the Antelope Valley, which encompasses the northeastern part of the county and is adjacent to Kern County. In between these portions of the county sit the San Gabriel Mountains and the vast wilderness known as the Angeles National Forest, an interesting place to incorporate on private tours of Los Angeles.

One of the most diverse counties in the country, it holds most of the principal cities encompassing the Greater Los Angeles Area and is the core of the five counties that make up the area. In 2004, the county’s population was larger than the individual populations of 42 statesconsidered separately, and on that basis, is more populous than the aggregate of the 11 least populous states. Similar in land area to the state of Connecticut and in population to the state of Michigan, the county is home to over a quarter of all California residents. According to the United States Conference of Mayors, if Los Angeles County were a nation, it would boast a GDP among the twenty largest countries in the world.

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