LA Adventure Specialist - 7:01 12 May 2010

Providencia Land and Water Development Company

File:Providencialandwaterdevelopment.jpg The Providencia Land and Water Development Company property was used as a location for some early motion pictures, most notably for battle scenes in the silent classic about the American Civil War, The Birth of a Nation (1915). In 1912 Carl Laemmle (IMP from Universal Pictures) took over the assets of Nestor Studios and named this area Universal City.

The photographs of this area can be seen in Los Angeles Library archives: “A Birds Eye View of Universal City”. The alternate names of this filming site include Providencia flats; Nestor Ranch; Oak Ranch; Oak Crest Ranch; Universal Ranch/Universal City [Providencia site vs Lankershism site ] ; 1916 Lasky Ranch; and Paramount Ranch until Nov. 1927. Today this areas is Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills).  While accomplishing a lit of, things to do in Los Angeles, this is an area that at some point will cross your path, if only from a distance.  PHOTO: Early map of Burbank, California with Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills on the bottom left.

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