Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 September 2013

Ahoy! – Our Newest Tour Yacht

We Land Our Private Tour Helicopter *ON* the Yacht

Photo of Leight Star, one of our private tour yachts
At almost 150 feet by 25 feet, this is easily the largest yacht we use for our private sea tour of Los Angeles.  We might explore Marina del Rey and maybe the Port of Los Angeles, head over to Santa Catalina Island and then up the coast to Malibu.  We can arrange for gourmet meals and private wine tastings – it all depends on what our guests wish to make their oceangoing adventure with us perfect.  Even better, we can land our helicopter atop the vessel to make for an exciting rendezvous and a hasty transfer.  At 12-15 knots the journey to the Channel Islands is not as fast as by air but is certainly more comfortable.  Imagine cruising with a master and four guest suites, an oversized jacuzzi, gym and steam room, a grand dining room and full kitchen, and all luxuriously appointed and detailed for maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal.  No wonder the professional crew is so proud of their ship and are so pleased to show our guests all the features of the yacht.

Photo of the aft of the ship and its own helipad

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