Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 September 2013

The Hippie Bus Passes into History

Photo of a VW microbus at the Montage in Beverly Hills

Los Angeles Tour Guests Collect Cars

We often spend a lot of time on our tours talking about cars.  Our private luxury tour guests come from all over the world and are infatuated with America’s attraction to automobiles.  They love our cars, too.  As we have posted so often in this blog, we like cars and grab photos of them regularly as we drive throughout Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  This photograph was recently taken on a tour as we were at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills.  The ’78 Volkswagen microbus was stationed alongside high end Mercedes and BMWs like a happy family of German autos.  Sadly, the VW bus will be no more.  The last of its kind will roll off a Brazilian factory floor later this year.  But do not lament.  More than 10 million Volkswagen Transporter vans (“Kombinationsfahrzeug” in German) have been manufactured since they first hit the road in 1950 and many of them just keep on going.  Easy to repair and maintain millions of these iconic vehicles putt-putt along roads throughout the world.  They are still a regular part of the California beach and surf scene.  Maybe a modern (safer) version of the bus will return some day like its forerunner, the VW bug.

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