Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 September 2013

We Fly You in Style and Luxury Over Los Angeles

Photograph of two of our luxury helicopters

Flying Helicopter Tours in Friendly Skies Up to Malibu

For the technically inclined, this larger aircraft pictured above is the most recent addition to our air fleet, the only Sikorsky S76 luxury corporate jetcopter on this side of the country.  Beautifully appointed, speedy and quiet, we can fly to the Santa Barbara and Temecula wine districts comfortably for private tasting sessions at notable wineries.  We can also quickly cross the channel to Santa Catalina Island for touring, ziplining or to attend a local festival.  Also shown is one of our Eurocopter Twinstars, a smaller yet very luxurious jet helicopter that we use often for flying tours over Los Angeles from downtown to the coast and up to Malibu with great views from above of Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  This bird is perfect for our Malibu winery adventures.  For those of you not so technically inclined, these are very pretty aircraft looking from the outside and extremely spacious and comfortable when looking at the Los Angeles sights from inside.  Even if you think you do not like to fly in helicopters a tour aboard either of these two will surely change your mind.

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