Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 4 October 2013

Red Line Trolleys at the End of the Line

Photo of Los Angeles Red Cars in the junkyard

Los Angeles Replaces Red Line Trolleys with Green, Blue, Purple and Red

Most of our private tour guests’ knowledge of public transportation around Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills comes from the award-winning film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  They suspect that the speedily growing city early in the last century must have had a street rail system to move its population across the vast distances of the city and nearby communities.  And they are correct.  The Pacific Electric Company at one time operated 2,000+ trolleys on more than 1,000 miles of track throughout southern California.  But culture, business and technology all changed after World War II and by 1954 the familiar Red Line trolleys seen in old photos and movies were gone, relegated to junkyards.  And culture, business and technology change again and Los Angeles now has street trolleys on three lines and a subway system – our new Red Line.  Approaching 90 miles of rail at present construction continues as a trolley line makes its way to the beach from downtown.  If you are visiting here we urge you to ride the trolleys and see parts of Los Angeles that only our private Los Angeles tour might take you to see.

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