Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 7 October 2013

Happy Labour Day – Australia

Australian Labour Day banner - 1856

We Really Love our Australian Private Tour Guests

Labour Day, or sometimes Eight Hours Day, is celebrated in much of Australia today.  Other Australian states have their 3-day weekend in March but still celebrate  the significant events that led to labor improvements in the country beginning in the mid-1800s.  We wish our Aussie friends a great holiday.  We entertain many folks from down under who enjoy our Los Angeles weather and environment as much as their own.  Australians really know how to have a good time and make their private Los Angeles tour a true pleasure to provide… every time!  We spent several days with travel writer Brooke Saward who was a pure delight for us.  Gracious, beautiful, as articulate and interesting as we were trying to be, we wish she could join us for all of our tours just for the company.  She even gladly allowed us to videotape her.  We do not even mention to our guides that their guests that day will from Australia because they just get too excited before their tours.

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