Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 October 2013

Venice Beach Mounted Police

Photo of horse mounted police in Venice Beach

Police Take Their Horses to Tour Venice Beach

Winnies, snorts and neighs but no sirens from these policemen as they greet the denizens and visitors of Venice Beach.  Harkening back to a much older era, before the horseless carriage, L.A.P.D. mounted police patrol the beach community maintaining order and providing a lovely opportunity for citizens to interact with these lovely creatures.  Venice Beach is a regular destination for our private Los Angeles tour because it is so much fun to walk through and around.  Interesting shops and activities along the boardwalk offer us many desirable photography opportunities.  Venice Beach is Muscle Beach, the skateboarding facility, the musicians, jugglers, magicians, comedians and all sorts of other sidewalk entertainers – athletes, artists, performers and the milling crowd taking in all the sights.  Our luxury customized van mixes in well with cars, buses, RVs, motorcycles, scooters, Segways and yes, the horses, as we all move around this entertaining and historic beach town.  The gondolas are gone, as are the wooden piers and much of the canals, but Venice Beach is still a wonderful destination for locals and visitors alike, day and night.


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