Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 October 2013

When Parking Is Tough There’s the Roof

Photo of a van parked on top of a building

Every Private Tour Guest Asks About Parking in Los Angeles

Nary a tour completes without our guides fielding sincere questions about traffic and parking in the City of Autos, our Los Angeles.  Not only are we professional drivers but we have all lived in this city a long time and know many of the tricks and nuances of driving and parking in all the neighborhoods.  Sitcoms that make fun of Angelenos discussion of routes draw from real life experience.  We do carefully plan routes and consider exigencies no matter how much we have been enjoying ourselves at a party.  And we laugh at each other for doing this (as we program our GPS).  Our sharp-eyed guide Nic might have been explaining to his luxury Los Angeles tour guests about parking when he spied the blue van parked on top of the roof of the optical business.  An example of unnecessary precaution to keep the vehicle safe from a street mishap?  Not willing to pay the open meter right out front?  Vehicle storage? Another wacky southern California art installation?  We do not know why the van is up there but it is a great photograph and not unlike many of the strange and unusual sights we find throughout the city.


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