Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 October 2013

Beautiful Night Sky Flying Tour to Los Angeles

Photo of helicopter before takeoff in Santa Barbara

After Sunset Flying Tour Back to Los Angeles

After a day of fine wine tasting and exploring the Santa Ynez Valley and its many extraordinary wineries it is time to fly back to Los Angeles.  Flying to Santa Barbara saves a good deal of driving time and allows for more private tasting sessions in the wine region made famous in the novel and film SIDEWAYS.  The fictional material still draws our private Los Angeles tour guests to our very own Sideways tour.  We can either fly or drive up to the wine region near Santa Barbara.  If we drive we can let our guests watch the movie on the 23″ built-in LED screen in our custom van.  For an added treat, we know Rex Pickett, the author, quite well and can often arrange for him to join us on the tour for a special insight into wine, Santa Ynez vintners and Hollywood.

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