Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 November 2013

Randi Pareira Sings Jazz at the unUrban

For Our Los Angeles Tour Guests Who Enjoy Jazz

Randi Pareira sings jazzElite Adventure Tours fan and friend, Randi Pareira, will be presenting an evening of jazz singing at Santa Monica’s unUrban Cafe this coming Monday, November 18th.  The multi-talented songstress will focus on songs written before 1940, before the big band era arrived and when swing jazz was the rage.  The unUrban Cafe provides a bohemian setting appropriate for the music of those days except that there will be no cigarette smoke or illegal booze.  There will be tasty and healthy food and drink choices for all jazz aficionados.  Here is a chance to see a talented woman perform songs you seldom hear.  If she is good enough to dance with the Muppets, why not let her sing for you.Jazz singing accouncement for Randi Pareira

Jazz singing accouncement for Randi Pareira

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