Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 17 November 2013

Unusual View of the Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign from behind - aerial

Not a View our Los Angeles Tour Guests Usually See

Believe it or not, lives are regularly saved from the top of Mt. Lee just above the Hollywood Sign.  Those are transmitters and systems supporting Los Angeles County and city emergency responses.  Originally owned by Hollywood silent film producer Mack Sennett, it was purchased by Tom Lee who named the mountain for his father, 1920s Cadillac dealer Don Lee.  Over the years radio and television broadcast antennas were erected atop the the mountain though that stopped after WWII when transmitters were built at higher elevations in the San Gabriel Mountains.  From this vantage point on one of our helicopter tours over the city, or if you hike with us on a fitness tour, you can understand why the location is fundamentally important.  From here you can see the entire Los Angeles basin from Santa Catalina Island to Idylwild to Long Beach (on a clear day, anyway).  At just over 1,700 feet it is a healthy climb from the old television Batman’s cave to the top, just behind the Hollywood Sign.  Sitting in our helicopter, though, it’s no effort at all, just tremendous views of the Los Angeles basin and the San Fernando Valley.

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