Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 November 2013

Los Angeles Tour Guest Teaches Guide

How a Private Tour Guide learns New Facts

The Nicely Family at the Hollywood SignOur Los Angeles tour guides pride themselves on their encyclopedic knowledge of Hollywood history, movies and television and also carry a good deal of trivia in their heads about radio, advertising, the oil and aerospace industries – in fact, they want to be able to handle almost any question asked them during a long tour day with curious and enthusiastic guests.  Our guides read magazines, newspapers and books about Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills all the time and meet regularly to share what they learn.  We also email our staff regularly with new tour tidbits.

Jack and his wife at the Hollywood SignThis week, touring with the Nicely family, our guide Paul met his match.  Jack (with the baseball cap above) matched him fact for fact all along their tour route.  Paul told us Jack had facts at his fingertips that completely surprised him.  They talked about Ernie Kovacs and Jack Cassidy, 77 Sunset Strip and Surfside 6.  Paul reported that Jack was the “greatest and most knowledgeable Elite guest ever.”

Maybe we should keep one of those souvenir Oscars from Hollywood Boulevard on board our vans to present to our guests on just such an occasion when they outshine their guides with their knowledge of Los Angeles.  Thanks, Jack, from all of us.  If you are ever looking for a fun job around Hollywood…


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