Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 November 2013

Dock Your Dinghy Here

The dinghy dock on Catalina Island

Private Tour Guests Love to Laugh

And laugh they did when they saw the sign for the Barbara Pearson Dinghy Dock.  Trying saying “Dock your dinghy at the dinghy dock” three times fast.  Our private Los Angeles tour guests visiting Santa Catalina Island with us this summer did indeed say it.  The kids in particular.  Over and over and over.  We suggested they offer it up to their drama coaches as an elocution exercise.  The dinghy docks are an important part of the Avalon harbor experience as our guests witnessed sailors come in from their anchor-outs to spend time ashore on the island.  We ride the ferry to the island almost as often as we fly there by helicopter.  Some of our guests like the seagoing experience though the flight is faster and smoother.  We are happy to present everyone with a choice of conveyance.  What is important is seeing this pretty haven off the coast of Los Angeles where Hollywood gamboled and gambled during Prohibition.  The island is still great fun for hiking, swimming, snorkeling, diving, ziplining and just plain hanging out.

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