Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 23 November 2013

Lemonade Is More Than a Summer Drink

Lemonade café on Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood

Private Tour Lunch Stop in W. Hollywood

Lunch time on a private Los Angeles tour means so many things for our guests and us.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos, sushi – there are so many quick meal choices at recognizable and memorable food stops throughout our regular touring area in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  If lunch time strikes while we are cruising through West Hollywood then Lemonade is where we gently guide our guests for a delectable and healthy meal that is fast and fun.  Cafeteria style, the café offers fresh made salads created from local and freshly grown vegetables and fruits and savory meat dishes that fill your stomach without emptying your pocket.  It’s quick and easy with flavored lemonades that competently fit the southern California climate throughout the year.  The man behind the plan, Alan Jackson, is the grandson of film legend Alan Ladd and the son of radio talk show host Michael Jackson.  If you lunch with us on your tour then be prepared to learn about Ladd’s films and the Ladd Company while you enjoy young Ladd’s culinary creations.

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