Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 6 December 2013

Kogi Comes to L.A.

Our Private Tour Vans Seek the Kogi Truck

Cover of Roy Choi's biography and cookbookWe have written about many exciting food trucks that we encounter in our travels around Los Angeles with our private tour guests seeking the Los Angeles “experience.”  One of our favorites, and one of the easiest to find, is the Kogi Truck.  The cuisine is a combination of Mexican and Korean just as its chief chef, Roy Choi, is.  Roy has a book out now talking about his life growing up in Los Angeles as a Korean in a Mexican culture, his love of food and culinary arts training and the birth of the Kogi Truck with his friend Mark Manguera.  With five trucks traversing Los Angeles daily the Kogi website and Twitter feed make it easy to plan where to intercept a truck for a delightful meal.  The Kogi truckEven a family sightseeing with us on a private luxury tour is eager to experience this particular wheeled fusion of culture and foods when we tell them about the acclaim received by the business since its Thanksgiving 2008 inception.


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