Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 December 2013

Food Art on a Hollywood Street

Street food art in Hollywood seen on our private Los Angeles tour

Street Art to Make our Private Tour Guests Hungry

We always want to celebrate those artists who improve the look of Los Angeles for everyone and today we feature a street utility box in front of a grocery store in Hollywood that has been painted on both sides – and the theme is food.  Melting food, specifically cheese.  Above Brandon Maurier reminds us of how much we love grilled cheese sandwiches which we can assert from listening to our private Los Angeles tour guests is a universal treat.  Different breads, varying cheeses but essentially the same everywhere.  Universal.  Maybe even grilled green cheese on the moon.

Below, on the other side of the same utility box is a possibly Salvadore Dali inspired melting pizza.  Kudos to for giving us the urge for a southwest flavored pizza.  Is it lunchtime yet?  Our custom luxury tours stop for food, even pizza or grilled cheese sandwiches.

Painted utility box in Hollywood


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