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Pasadena New Year Means Football

The Rose Bowl Game and BCS Game in Pasadena

Two Reasons to Tour Pasadena this Holiday

The historic Rose Bowl Stadium is prepared to host the 100th Rose Bowl Game with its brand new look and amenities.  All the construction with its attendant noise and dust will be have been worth it as the Stanford Cardinal and the Michigan State Spartans vie for the Rose Queen’s favor the afternoon of the first day of 2014.  Stanford is back for a second year in a row representing the Pac-12.  This will be the Spartans’ fifth appearance in the New Year’s Rose Bowl contest.  Interestingly, Stanford played in the first game ever at the Rose Bowl back in 1902, though the Rose Bowl then was hardly a shadow of the stadium today.  And we think of the Rose Bowl Game as the Grandmother of all bowl games.  Our private Los Angeles tour guests get a good look at the stadium when they are interested in visiting Pasadena.

If that is not enough, the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) will pit the Auburn Tigers against the Florida State Seminoles on Monday, January 6th.  This will be the final BCS game played with this format for choosing the competitors (through an obscure point system and polls).  Next year begins a more traditional playoff system for the college teams.

Tickets to the stadium for both games are still available (though probably not for long).  However, seats will be available in bars, restaurants, lobbies and living rooms everywhere to watch the contests live on television.

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