Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 5 January 2014

Young Jackie Chan Fans at the Hollywood Sign

Young tour guests display martial arts moves in front of Hollywood Sign

Our Private Los Angeles Tour Kids Show Off

Sometimes it takes so little to get our custom tour guests to show off a bit for the camera at places where we ALWAYS take pictures.  Like in front of the Hollywood Sign.  How better to remember a visit to this iconic location than to pose for a photograph.  Kids being kids, though, we let them go crazy until their energy dissipates a bit before we get a more reasonable holiday postcard photo with them and their parents.  All our guides adore these crazy moments and encourage them not only at this location but at several others (there are places where calm behavior is more appropriate).  You might remember an earlier photo with these boys saving the universe (and the Hollywood Walk of Fame) from space invaders.

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