Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 6 January 2014

Hollywoodland Secret Place for Kids

A very special secret Hollywood place – the Garden of Oz

Our Private Tour Guests Have No Idea

Driving up to the Hollywood Sign through Beachwood Canyon gives our private Los Angeles tour guests much to see and many stories to listen to from our educated and entertaining guides.  Sometimes a guest will call out at the tile work quickly espied at a Hollywoodland home we pass on the way up.  At that point we can stop for a quick peek of the Garden of Oz or just tell the story of Gail Cottman who in 1991 began to create with various artists and friends a magical garden of thrones dedicated to fancy, imagination and world peace.  Made from tile and found objects the Garden of Oz is a joyful patch of land in a city dedicated to imagination.  Word is that keys to the gated garden were distributed to local children.  Also, the Dalai Lama sent priests to bless the tiny landmark.  Stories?  Maybe, but we like stories.


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