Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 10 January 2014

Where Great Guitars Are Made

Frankenstrat at Citywalk

Fender Factory Tour on a Los Angeles Tour

Great guitars are not born in stores even though a visit to the Hollywood Guitar Center and its Rockwalk might leave one to think that.  Artisans and craftsmen create musical instruments by design and inspiration in factories around the world.  One of the foremost facilities for the creation of these rock music wonders is the Fender guitar factory in Corona, CA, just a hop, skip and a jump from Los Angeles, a rock ‘n roll capital of the world.  So often our private Los Angeles tour guests are interested solely in the L.A. music scene – clubs, recording studios, music stores, bars and hangouts, celebrity homes – and we take them from downtown to Santa Monica to faithfully describe the history and personality of music coming from Los Angeles.  If they are truly interested in the nuts and bolts of rock music then we can suggest a trip southeast of the city to visit the birthplace of so many famous electric guitars that the factory tour guide cannot keep them all in mind.  And, if you want a custom made guitar, just ask Eddie Van Halen where to go for that.

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