Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 26 January 2014

Tour Los Angeles on a Bicycle

Los Angeles Gets Bicycle Friendly

Pedal Power Tour of Los Angeles

Bicycles were not invented in Los Angeles but they have a long history in this city by the beach with its 300+ nice biking days a year.  The first bicycle pathway, completely separated for other traffic along its own elevated route, was a 9-mile wooden bikeway connecting downtown Los Angeles to Pasadena.  This illuminated toll-way (15¢ in 1897) soon became a part of history as the automobile ascended to transportation king in growing Los Angeles and the bikeway became the Arroyo Seco Parkway.  Today there are more than 300 miles of dedicated bike paths along the coast and the aqueducts crisscrossing the city, through the parks and quickly appearing on major thoroughfares as Los Angeles truly begins embracing bicycle transportation.  Our former mayor, Richard Riordan, was a great bicycle enthusiast and spearheaded a nascent movement to build additional safe passages for bikes through the city.  We take our adventure loving private Los Angeles tour guests to Santa Monica or Venice to rent bikes to explore the 30 mile bikeway stretching along the coast between Torrance and Santa Monica.  We can do the tour on tandem bikes or trikes as well as beach cruisers.

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