Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 January 2014

Finding Marilyn Monroe at Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Marilyn Monroe's hand and footprints at Grauman's Chinese

Our Hollywood Tour Guest Offered to Clean the Dirtiest Prints at Grauman’s

Hers is the easiest cement square to find among all the famous hand and footprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.  Just look for the discolored handprints where every woman, truly EVERY woman, places her hands on our private Los Angeles tour.  This is where Marilyn Monroe knelt back in 1953 in what is an iconic image of her placing her hands in the wet cementMarilyn Monroe and Jane Russell honored at Grauman's Chinese Theater in front of Sid Grauman’s historic movie palace with her Gentlemen Prefer Blondes co-star, Jane Russell.  Perhaps as famous as the photograph of her standing atop the subway grate in the movie Seven Year Itch, a figure made large in the giant J. Seward Johnson sculpture now in Palm SpringsMarilyn Monroe in Seven Year ItchEvery little bit of history we show our private tour guests in Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills resonates throughout the region, the country and the world.

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One Response to “Finding Marilyn Monroe at Grauman’s Chinese Theater”

  1. George Vreeland Hill says:

    Her hand prints have been that way for a while.
    Shame on TCL (formerly Grauman’s) for not doing anything about it.

    George Vreeland Hill

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