Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 March 2014

Chinatown Light Rail Station – Los Angeles

The tram station in Chinatown – Los Angeles

Every Station Has Its Own Aesthetic in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles the above-ground light rail stations as well as the underground subway stations are all individually designed.  Each time a train stops you can know where you are before reading the station sign.  In fact, there are art tours provided by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (“MTA“) that visit different stations each month with a docent to explain the art and design of the Red Line (underground) stations.  The station shown, one of the few elevated stations for the MTA light rail system, is the Chinatown Gold Line Station.  But you knew that just by looking.  This station is just north of downtown Los Angeles so you can walk into Chinatown for lunch and shopping and then walk over the freeway to the courthouses and government buildings, the Music Center or the Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral.  The Gold Line stretches from Pasadena to East Los Angeles serving 21 stations along almost 20 miles with an extension east from Pasadena currently under construction and further eastern expansion scheduled from East L.A.  We have had private Los Angeles tours interested in exploring our local train system before and there is much to see.

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