Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 3 April 2014

Flying Over Nobu – Malibu

Aerial photograph of Nobu

A Flying Los Angeles Tour Leaves Us All Hungry

Now that Nobu – Malibu is open for lunch every day we can envy the crowds gathered for Nobu Matsuhisa‘s incredible and delectable sushi creations as we fly up the southern California coast from El Segundo and Marina del Rey, past Venice and Santa Monica and up to Malibu before turning inland and heading back towards Hollywood.  Of course, the restaurant has other fine menu selections.  Since our aerial tours generally are selected along with an accompanying ground tour we can only hope our private Los Angeles tour guests will want to wander back to Malibu for a late lunch.  Where to eat is as popular a topic on our tours as what to see.  Good thing our guides have answers to all questions about restaurants and sightseeing destinations.

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